Nostalgic Fascists in Predappio by Filippo Venturi

Reportage about nostalgic fascists at the 74th anniversary of the death of Benito Mussolini.
Predappio, Italy, 28/04/2019.

Predappio is a small Italian town with a population of 6.000 inhabitants, situated in the province of Forlì-Cesena, best known for being the birthplace of Benito Mussolini. The Italian dictator is buried there too, in the monumental cemetery of San Cassiano in Pennino.

On these three anniversaries:
- July 29, birth of Benito Mussolini (1883)
- April 28, death of Benito Mussolini (1945)
- October 28, March on Rome (1922)

“pilgrims” from all over Italy flock there, some on their own others on bus tours, to pay homage to the Duce's grave which, counting more than 80.000 visits every year, is the second most visited grave in Italy, the first being Giovanni Paolo II's burial place.

The meeting is the Sunday morning closest to the date of the anniversary that is celebrated, in front of the Church of St. Anthony, in the homonymous square, where the march of about 1.5 km starts until the arrival at the Monumental Cemetery of San Cassiano in Pennino.

Contrary to common belief, during these anniversaries one can find young people and families too – common faces opposed to the usual portrait of the serious and strict Fascist. These groups consider the pilgrimage as a Sunday trip or a visit to a distant relation, referring to the Duce as an “Uncle” or “Grandpa Benito”, evoking his wisdom and the inflexibility he would have had in facing today's problems.

Fascist nostalgia here lacks consistency and becomes almost a fairy tale.

Zetazeroalfa concert in Milan by Filippo Venturi

Si è svolto sabato 23 marzo il concerto degli Zetazeroalfa il cui frontman, Gianluca Iannone, è il fondatore di CasaPound (un partito politico italiano di estrema destra neofascista). L'evento è stato organizzato per celebrare i 100 anni della nascita dei "Fasci di Combattimento" (il movimento politico fondato a Milano da Benito Mussolini il 23 marzo 1919, che il 10 novembre 1921 si trasformò in Partito Nazionale Fascista) e per festeggiare i 20 anni della band. Nonostante le associazioni di sinistra abbiano provato a opporsi, l'evento si è svolto comunque in una location segreta, resa nota 24 ore prima dell'evento: lo "Space 25" in Via Toffetti. L’orario d’inizio era stato fissato alle ore 19.19, l'anno di fondazione dei "Fasci di Combattimento". Erano attese delegazioni anche straniere, per circa 2000 persone complessive.

The Zetazeroalfa concert took place on Saturday, March 23. The frontman, Gianluca Iannone, is the founder of CasaPound (an extreme right neo-fascist Italian political party). The event was organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the "Fasci di Combattimento" (the political movement founded in Milan by Benito Mussolini on March 23, 1919, which became the National Fascist Party on November 10, 1921) and to celebrate 20 years of the band. Although the leftist associations have tried to oppose it, the concert took place anyway in a secret location, announced 24 hours before the event (the "Space 25" in Toffetti Street). The start time was set at 7.19 pm (19.19), the year in which the "Fasci di Combattimento" were founded. Foreign delegations were expected, for a total of about 2000 people.